Voice & Guitar Instructor

Jordan is a New York based guitarist, composer, singer, and educator who in addition to his duo gig with twin brother Talor, participates in a variety of collaborative projects with many of New York’s top musicians. Known for his chops, versatility, and wide vocal range, he is an active student of many styles, including Jazz, Fusion, Funk, R&B, and Rock.

Inspired by a Red Hot Chilli Pepper concert, Jordan picked up the bass guitar at twelve-years old and the rest is history. He and his twin brother Talor became known as a writing and performing team while attending Queens College Preparatory Program. The brothers auditioned and were selected to perform at Carnegie Hall as a duo, and by eighteen Jordan was a Spector Bass and Hartke Amplification endorsee.

Jordan has studied electric bass and guitar with teachers such as Thompson Kneeland, voice with Don Lawrence, and continues to study and work with many notable New York musicians and producers. With his enthusiastic approach to teaching electric bass, guitar, and voice, Jordan incorporates his extraordinary ear, superior knowledge of music theory, and versatile chops, and has students of all ages. He is able to instill the important fundamentals of music while making learning fun. Jordan graduated from Purchase College in May 2015.

Jordan offers convenient online guitar and voice lessons.




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