Online Guitar Lessons

Where Creativity Meets Inspiration

Choice Music Studio’s convenient online guitar lessons  allow each student to fully personalize their experience with the help of a knowledgeable and patient guitar teacher. 30, 45, and 60 minute online guitar lessons are available for students age 4+.

Our Philosophy

It doesn’t matter whether you want to just strum a few chords and sing along, or if you want to learn how to shred on a solo like the guitar greats: the best way to learn any instrument is to learn music that you already love, while simultaneously learning new music!

Learning music should go far beyond the boring traditional private music lesson format. Our online guitar lessons focus on involving the student in their own musical journey, rather than a lecture format of “turn the page and play this song” approach.

Our Guitar Teachers

The guitar instructors at Choice Music Studio are creative. They guide and empower each student by involving them in their own creative process.



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