Online Piano Lessons

Where Creativity Meets Inspiration

A lot of emotions arise when searching for the right piano teacher. Excitement, nervousness, or uncertainty are often coupled with the one big question: “will my child find joy in this process?”

Choice Music Studio’s convenient online piano lessons unfold into an exciting exploratory journey which empowers each student and instills a joy and love of music.

30, 45, and 60 minute online piano lessons are available for students age 4+.

Our Philosophy

Children experience joy when they are engaged, when their talents are appreciated, and when they are given opportunities to navigate their own growth.

We believe that music lessons should go far beyond the boring traditional formula of a bland weekly lecture from teacher to student. Our online piano lessons focus on engagement and have a game-centric approach, rather than a “turn the page and play this song” approach.

Our Piano Teachers

The piano instructors at Choice Music Studio are creative. They guide and empower each student by involving them in their own creative process.



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