Online Saxophone Lessons

Where Creativity Meets Inspiration

The sax is a versatile instrument with many possibilities. It’s used in rock music, classical music, jazz music, and pop music and can be played as a solo or ensemble instrument.

Choice Music Studio offers online saxophone lessons in the comfort of your home. Saxophone is a fairly easy musical instrument to learn because the fingering system is easy to remember. Students studying sax experience playing a woodwind instrument that can solo or blend into a group setting seamlessly.

30, 45, and 60 minute online saxophone lessons are available.

Our Philosophy

Children experience joy when they are engaged, when their talents are appreciated, and when they are given opportunities to navigate their own growth. We believe that music lessons should go far beyond the boring traditional formula of a bland weekly lecture from teacher to student. Our saxophone lessons in Westchester County focus on engagement and have a game-centric approach, rather than a “turn the page and play this song” approach.

Our Saxophone Teachers

The saxophone instructors at Choice Music Studio allow students to discover playing music in a creative manner. each student is empowered by being involved in their own musical learning process through improvisation.

Why Our Online Saxophones Lessons  Are A Game Changer

  1. Students are comfortable in a familiar environment, therefore creativity easily flows!

  2. Every aspect of music is looked at as something to be explored.

  3. Choice Music Studio incorporates music movement games, rhythm games, singing, improvisation explorations, and reading exercises into each saxophone lesson.

  4. Teacher, child, and parent/guardian are considered a team. Guardians are always nearby during the saxophone lesson to lend an ear and a creative hand.

  5. Lessons are personalized for each student. When we allow ourselves to enter a child’s world and understand where they are coming from, is when we allow ourselves not only to teach, but to adapt the teaching. Our saxophone teachers adapt to each student’s learning style, their processing style, and their surroundings. This allows each lesson to tap into the very reason to embark on learning music: enjoyment.



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